SetSkor Tennis Scoring Device

Exclusively available from DH Distribution, the SetSkor is an aluminum tennis scoring device that can be seen from the spectator's side of the court or from both players' sides. Durable, rust-proof aluminum design is fun to use and height is kid-friendly. Free from plastic parts that can break and eventually need replacing, your SetSkor will last for years to come.

Horizontal SetSkor Tennis Scoring Device

Horizontal Model

The horizontal model is for sites where home and visitor are known. It is also good for children, because they don't have to reach as high to move the markers.

Two Models Available: Horizontal / Vertical

Vertical Model

The vertical model is for sites where non-member tournaments take place. The vertical model can be rotated without being removed from the sleeve. On the odd-game changeovers the players can rotate the SetSkor and the numbers move to the same side as the players.

  • Rust-Proof Aluminum
  • Kid Friendly
  • Easy to read and use
  • Simple installation
  • Also available in BLACK
Vertical SetSkor Tennis Scoring Device
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